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The last dragon

“Sir knight,” the king asked, “why build a robot dragon?”
“Why? You slayed the last dragon.”
“Er. No. It’s to train its kid.”

“How will you train it, sir?” the queen asked.
“I will raise it to be the best dragon it can be.”
“And then slay it?”
“I… do not know.”

“Will it not be lonely, the last dragon?” the princess asked.
“It will have my robot.”
“That won’t do.”
“Then, will you help?”
“I will.”

Many years later, the dragon came to its mother. “Did you know egg mother?”
“No, dear,” the princess said.
“Did father kill her?”

“I recall” the dragon said, “that robot mother tried to kill him.”
“Yes, it did.”
“You did not try to stop it?”
“No. It had the right.”

The dragon pondered this. “When will father return?”
“When he’s found you a mate.”
“Does he think this will absolve him?”

Posted as a serial chain.

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