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Q. How can I show my appreciation?
A. You can support me on Patreon or on LiberaPay (€), buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi, buy my book, or just retweet, share, and spread my stories to new readers.

Q. Book?
A. Yes, I’ve made a short story collection. It’s got 100 short tweet-sized stories, 10 drabbles (100-word stories), and 1 short story. See here for links to where to buy it.

Q. What will you do now Twitter allows 280 characters (from November 2017)?
A. I mostly stuck to a self-imposed 140-character limit until spring 2018, after which I found I increasingly often used more characters. If I can get the story told within the lower limit, I’m happy, but I’m not ashamed to use more if I need to.

Q. How do I submit a story?
A. You can’t. This is not a magazine, but a personal outlet for stories I write myself. I sometimes retweet microstories by other writers, when I see one i particularly like, but not ones addressed to me.

Q. Can you write [this story] longer?
A. Maybe. I probably won’t. I usually say what I want to say in one shot (or a few linked ones).

Q. Can I write [this story] longer?
A1. Yes, of course, if it inspires you to make your own story. Credit me for inspiration if you like.

Q. Can I write [this story] longer?
A2. Yes, but only if you make your own story of my idea. Don’t copy mine and add description/padding.

Q. Can I illustrate/film/stage [this story]?
A. Yes, if you give credit and link back, and do not profit from it – no sales, paid membership restrictions, site/page ads, or other compensation with a financial value.

Q. Can I copy [this story] into what I’m writing?
A. No. My words are mine, however few they are. Want to rent them? Contact me.

Q. What’s wrong with posting screencaps of your stories?
A. Two things. While a screencap does give credit and show I wrote it, there’s no immediate, easy way for a reader to find me from it. They’d have to search for my name, rather than simply click on it and follow. The bigger reason, though, is that it is very inconsiderate to the hard-of-seeing people! I write text, and they can read it on a braille screen, or have a text-to-speach app read it out for them. A screencap is completely useless to them.