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Announcing AdvenTale 2017

As is traditional, I will post a 25-part serial story, with a daily episode posted at 5pm GMT, in the run-up to Christmas. The episodes will be limited to 123 characters each, as they will be numbered and tagged with #AdvenTale (that’s the tradition, so I’ll stick with it despite having more characters on Twitter now). I hope you’ll enjoy it.

(I hope I’ll manage this. Last year I wasn’t sure I could fit the story I wanted to tell in the limited space. This year I only got the idea a few days ago, and will be playing catch-up. But the first episode is written and ready to go, at least.)

I’ll post the collected story after the last episode is sent, on Christmas Day.

Last year’s: Unn and the cold fire

The 2015 story: Gry and the Mountain King

The 2014 story: Moa and the lost sun

And the 2013 story: Tam and Lin and the Queen in the heart of the forest

Unrelated stories will be posted when an idea strikes, as usual.

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