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Teddy Dear

The Devil looked down. A small teddybear with a wooden sword was hitting his leg.
“What do you want?”
The teddy bear pointed at an old woman’s soul, toiling in the fires. “I want my friend back.”
“You’re welcome to join her.”
“You took her soul.”
The Devil shook his head. “She sold it.”
“For what?”
“Oh?” The Devil laughed. “She didn’t tell you?”

“What?” The teddy bear raised his sword. “Tell me what?”
“I found the scrap of soul you have in you, I stole a breath from… never mind. She sold her soul to bring you alive, and keep you safe.”
“She struck a hard bargain. You are immensely strong, immortal, invulnerable,” the Devil laughed again, “and you’ll live forever knowing she is- Ow!”
The teddy bear hit him again.
“Stop! What are you doing?”
The teddy bear grinned. “I have an eternity to hit you.”
* * *
In Hell, time does not pass in a way that can be measured in days or years. But it took 42579 strikes with the wooden sword before the Devil gave up and released the old woman.

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