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2017 Awards Eligibility Post

As award season is coming, I thought I’d do an Awards Eligibility Postâ„¢.

As usual, I have not counted how many microstories I wrote during the year, but there are 45 pages of 15 posts each on my Tumblr, which makes 675 posts. Discount serial tweetstories, posts about translations, Patreon, WorldCon, and stuff like that, and I think the final tally is around 520 tweetstories and tweetpoems.

In addition, I have written nine serial tweetstories, one regular short story, a play, and a collaborative choose-your-own-adventure story.
They are all free to read on my website:

  • At the border – Variations on a theme, written after hearing how Americans coming into USA were asked if they love their country by Customs and Border Protection officers.
  • The Gun – A play in two acts, written in iambic pentameter, featuring a robot, a gun, a boss, existential questions, and dark desires. Total running time five minutes (not counting interval).
  • Monsters under the bed – Sequel to a tweetstory from 2015, this serial tweetstory looks at what happened after the monsters under the bed were conquered.
  • The last dragon – another serial tweetstory, featuring what might be the first dragon to have dragon, human, and robot mothers.
  • The knight – a serial tweetstory about an underappreciated hero.
  • Summons – a serial tweetstory about about a summoning.
  • A tenth life – a serial tweetstory about how life goes on, if you have something to do with it.
  • The dragon dreams – a short serial tweetstory telling you what you are.
  • Tourist – the only normal short story I wrote this year.
  • Mummy on Mars – a choose-your-own-adventure story, live-written as readers voted what would happen next over the course of three days.
  • Buri and the Winter dark – this year’s advent story, told one tweet per day from the first of December to Christmas Day.
  • If you would like to nominate my whole body of work – the microstories, the short stories, and the AdvenTale – for a Hugo award, you can nominate me (e.g. O. Westin, writing at in the Fan Writer category.

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